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We all have a huge potential within us that we are not tapping into at the moment.
Prepare to be challenged in your self beliefs, capabilities and performance. 
Experience how to create within you an 'invincible summer'. 

Challenge and Change your own status quo, 
get ready to... 
Disturb the comfort®!


Falckensteinstraße 49
10997 Berlin

In the depth of winter,
I found there was within me
an invincible summer.
— Albert Camus
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FU#k the Blues.

An event that gets you out of your comfort zone!

Experience a sensational day filled with hands on tasks and methods. Take an Icebath under supervision and support from an official Wim Hof Method® instructor, explore your own mind with the PANDORA star, a machine that alters your brain state through light frequency changes. Get ready to pin winterdepression in the but wit lessons, practaces  and stratagies your can implement in your own life and find the summer within yourself. 

We are capable of so much more than we think, the human potential is enormous. We are diving into the methods and mechanisms on how to unleash that within yourself. Build new habits and learn how to change your own physiology. During the day you can listen to speakers, get tools and action-plans through workshops. But most importanty experience transcendental states of mind and body with all your senses. 

WATERGATE® opens its doors for a Straight Edge Event that gives you a real kick to give you an great drive to start winter. 

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Explore your own potential, override your mind and connect to your body. Shift your focus into a meditative state. In just 2 minutes you can learn how to calm your monkey mind and surrender. The Icebath immersion is guided by official Wim Hof Method ® insturctos.

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The pandora star® is a gateway to the unknown. An experience that leaves you with an imprint, a glimpse beyond your everyday state of mind.

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In the afternoon your body and mind will transform through ideas, actions and strategies.
You can choose 3 from 9 workshops that you feel most connected to, that spark your curiosity and tickle your needs for change. 

Improve yourself to become the best version of yourself, improve in the fields where you feel down. Mentally, physically or  emotionally.

The path to self improvement is not a day- but a lifegoal!
Throughout this day you will receive a lot of information,
are exposed to the scientific and a spiritual matrix. All to fight
(winter) negtavity  on different levels of our being.

The aim is not to fight but to master whatever you feel.

All Workshops and the FU#K THE BLUES - EXPERIENCE are limited!


THe Speakers.


Kiki Bosch

Redefining the limits of the human potential is Kiki's drive. As Wim Hof Method® instructor and passionate Ice diver she teaches the concepts, science to change your own mind and body. Through her own story she gives people practical methods and strategies to leave our own comfort zone and step into your own natural state of mind. Learn to unleash a power to overcome the impossible.


Tim Grey

Tim is a thoroughly dedicated Biohacker, cognitive hypnotherapist and CEO & founder of several successful companies. Including a digital marketing agency and London’s first Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic. He’s been optimising his health, energy and mind for years and is working on building a movement in Health Optimisation. In his talk he will touch upon how to “hack” Brain and body. Optimising mental clarity, stamina and performance.


Florian Hager

Florian helps entre- and solopreneurs to more Charisma and a strong self-confident appearance, to experience more Flow, and social and emotional intelligence. He combines mental, physical and emotional practics in one-on-one coachings and group trainings to transform fears into learning. To achieve more Work-&-Liveflow and perform on asustainable level. Meinwerdung is about enabling people to live life smoothly, vibrantly and to be more proactive.

The Teachers.


Carolin Kamenz

Moving people to their true self is Carlins goal. With more than 20 years of expeirence in the field of Business and Life coaching and a degree in Communication she became an expert in her field. She has helped manny entrepreneurs not only build their business but doing so while staying true tot themselves and their vision. A vital approach is her true love of life and living compassionately!


Alexander Stöck

A healthy and pain free body is crucial for wellbeing and quality of life. As a Personal trainer and sports therapist, Alex trains Athletes in the practical and conceptual ways of the body to shift it permanently into a better state of being to stay fully mobile for as lng as possible.
As the Mind and face of "Der Sport therapeut" He is a young entrepreneur with a great motivation to get people to feel and move in the best way possible.


Magda Torres

Magda has been practicing Yoga for over 15 years.
What started as a hobby quickly grew into her job. Over the years she has beenlearning many different yoga-styles and movements.

In her classes she aims to build bridges between yoga practice and every day life. A practice beyond the mat, and into real life. a transformation of the body and mind.


Manuel Draxler

Manuel ist a music scientist, teacher in music therapy and applications. Anyone who wants to learn and experience more of the physical and transcendental effects of music and go beyond simply consuming it, will love Manuel and his workshop. Is it possible to perceive sounds beyond our conditioning? You will get to the bottom of this exciting question together. The goal is an increased attention and listening with the whole body, a journey that leads to liberating, healing, inner vibration and concentration, ecstatic experiences that go beyond words.


Yasmin De Giorgio

Yasmin is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for exploration of inner realms. She takes the wisdom she learns from her adventures in self knowledge and applies them to business and leadership. She is the founder of The Grassy Hopper and Theobroma Cacao Collective. She has spend the past two years building her latest project, Sanya Eco Spa which is a wellness Centre designed to help people heal, learn and go within.

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Nicole Szopinski

As human, women and entrepreneur. Nicole is a successful hypnotherapist and salestrainer. She loves to combine and mix er specialties.
Straight forward work redefined through NLP and hypnotherapy. A gate to our deeper consciousness. Makes it easier to aim for personal wellbeing and growth and reach ultimate freedom within yourself.

Through her 15 years of experience in horsetherapy trainster she has a deep understanding of understanding ans sympathy in a consequent manner. Educating people about there own flexibility and resilience.

Change can be Fun!


Manuela Heider DeJahnsen

Manuela is the founder of " Society of Friends". Since more than 30 years shes has been working as naturopath and has been successfully treating patients around the world with acupuncture, nutritional counseling, yoga and ayurvedic lifestyle advies. Combining Eastern and Western healing techniques.


Frank Delventhal

Frank considers himself a full spectrum Human. Husband, father, entrepreneur, kettlebell teacher, and performing strongman. He believes that we have all the ability to grow and should do that on all levels. "I discovered that there is no mind and no body. That is actually one magnificent unit. The more I wrapped my head around that, the more I grow. It is all a journey. The path itself is your reward. Just enjoy the ride. ... and it is pretty cool to be able to twist horseshoes with your hands and ripp telephone books, anybody can do that. But most people decide not to."





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