der pandora star® ist ein visuelles tor zu unbekanntem. Eine Erfahrung, die über unsere normalen Sinneseindrücke hinausgeht. Die Erfahrung, was sich hinter dem uns alltäglich sichtbaren verbirgt.

The experience is a form of photic brainwave entrainment. Through sequencing and control of flickering light, PandoraStar makes it possible to access any frequency state from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz. The highly programmable software included allows you to create limitless sessions for all your personal or professional practices.

The experience Using a unique inverted triangle array of LED lights that interlock to create a series of hexagrams, PandoraStar stimulates various brain regions by focusing rays of light on the retinas. Through closed eyelid, users experience a “visible” frequency entrainment of kaleidoscopic patterns of colours and psychedelic imagery, which provides an immersive environment for deep level brainwave entrainment.

It is the phenomena that occurs when the brain shifts its own electrical activity to mirror the gentle nudge offered by the flickering frequency of the light, and allows to the brain to move from one dominant brainwaves to another. ie: from the active/alert mode (beta) to deep regenerative sleep (delta).
An experience can look like the two images below.