Cold Therapy, Icebath Experience

During Cold therapy like an Icebath, or Cryotherapy. The body switches to survival mode. This will improve efficiency of your metabolic system, which is a crucial health marker, raise your growth hormones as well as lower inflammation by release of feel good hormone.

Icebathing is often linked to the  Wim Hof Method (WHM) which is built on the foundational teachings of Wim Hof, a Dutch inspiration who has pushed the limits of being human through the power of breathing. He developed a breathing technique to optimise your health. His approach is based on controlling your inner nature. The Icebath is the perfect example on how we can shift our mindset from something we thought was impossible to something we can overcome. It is a mirror of the power of our thoughts, belief systems and the beautiful and complexity of our physiology.

During the Experience, you will be lead by official Wim Hof Method instructors who help you control your breathing and stay calm in an Icebath for 2 Minutes! You step in, sit down, submerge just up to your shoulders, and then — breathe. Breathing out slowly to calm down your nervous system. It is all about feeling! Feeling your body, there is always an initial “cold shock” response, but this is something you can breath through, if you fully relax your body you will get in the zone and not be bothered by the feelings anymore.

After the cold exposure it is important to stay focussed, you will be guided through some movement to warm up slow and steady. The releaso of adrenaline during the Icebath can make you shiver, the trick is to shift the adrenaline into functional movement. Of course, there will be guidance of instructors in this phase as well.