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Timo Niessner

Timo is a water lover, passionate Freedive instructor, Business Coach and Master in Sportsmanagement.

Within his business career he found his way from a more corporate environment back to the water. Today he creates more awareness in people to master their fears in daily life.

Freediving was a great tool for him to master his own fears. Diving down helped him reach his mental limits and accept his physical sensations. To accept himself.

At this moment his base is in Germany, but the world is his home. He travels most of the year to work with people all over the world. To experience how fear blocks us and how wonderful life can be without it.


Mastering FEARS.

During this talk Timo speaks about the physical awareness of fear. How we can start to handle fears and where we’re facing fear in our daily lives.
He walks with you through 3 steps that are necessary to master your fears, while talking about his own experience under the water.

What comes when there’s no fear anymore?


Body awareness.

Here we start to switch our focus from the out to the inside.
Where does our communication lead us?
What do I feel in my body?

Which situations trigger my fears?
How can I handle fears all by myself?

„All you need to master your fears is already in you“