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Kiki Bosch

Disturb the comfort & Comfort the disturbed.

Kiki is an adventurer, nutritionist and biohacker from the Netherlands who currently lives in the UK. Named a daredevil by many, she is a freediver and specialized in dealing with extreme cold and has been diving in some of the coldest waters of the world. On her last trip to Greenland she swam for 20 minutes in glacial lakes below freezing, wearing only a swim suit.

According to her, we are getting too comfortable these days. We are not primal enough anymore. Most of us have a roof over our heads, food on the table and live in an environment in which we are always safe and sound. In order to connect with deeper parts of ourselves we need to get out of this comfort zone and challenge ourselves in any way shape or from.

When she started her first cold challenges, she was in an anxious and depressed state in life. Struggling with overcoming trauma she spiralled down the rabbit hole of anxiety and fear.

"The cold forced me to leave my thoughts behind and return to my body. For the first time in months, I had a few moments in which I could forget my fears, doubts and my story."

By dealing with the cold, she came to the conclusion that the traumatic moment does not have to define her as a person and thought her to separate myself from the shame and guilt.

The cold showed her that there is a primal resilience in all of us that will help us to get back up, if only we discover and open ourselves to it.