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We all have a huge potential within us
that we are not tapping into at the moment.

Prepare to be challenged in your self
beliefs, capabilities and performance. 

Challenge and Change your own status quo, 
get ready to... 
Disturb the comfort®



Disturb the comfort &
comfort the disturbed

Disturb the comfort as a movement started from a space of mental discomfort. How nature helped one person heal from trauma.
But it is not about one person, it is a tale about healing about finding solstice through connection nature for oneselves and through that being able to help others in their process.

Disturb the comfort is not about having the answers on how to heal from assault, mental illness or self sabotage. It is about openness and honesty. About sharing things that are difficult to speak about. Truth to be told, we have all been hurt in our lives and we also all have hurt people around and ourselves. Disturb the comfort is about acknowledgement of these issues, finding ways to live through and with them. Knowing that the mistakes we made, the mistakes we are still making and will make in the future are part of us. It is knowing that with and not despite of them we are the person we are today.

The tools we use are breathing, nature and shamanic medicine. Each course, retreat and event is different, touching upon a variation of methods that are backed up by science. To shift our mindset, to shift the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Acknowledging that there are a million different ways to heal and become better versions of ourselves. They all have one thing in common, connecting to our own true nature. Recognising we are part of it as much as the trees, as much as the ocean and as much as Gaia as a whole.

Getting out of our own way, out of our head and into our body, into a new way of thinking. A path in which we dare to get out of our own comfort zone by connecting to other people. Building a tribe you can rely on, a tribe that comforts you when things are not going so well.
Because there is always a way for you to forgive yourself, learn from the things that haunted you most. A place to feel safe and supported, no matter the wreckage, no matter the pain.

We recognise the great potential we all have, to overcome and create a whole new reality. One that we can be proud of living.

”if it is hard to stand up, at least stand for what you’ve got”


Kiki Bosch.

My story started about three years ago. When I got sexually assaulted, for a while I thought it was my mistake, I should have been more careful, not as trusting.
Because of this feeling, I didn’t dare to say anything. One week after the incident, I heard that he assaulted someone else. Truth to be said, I didn’t know how to handle this situation. Nightmares of other girls in my position kept me awake at night, I had panic attacks and most importantly I was flooded with guilt. Guilt from the things I didn’t do, didn’t say and I was blaming myself a lot for not having the guts to speak up. I literally hit rock bottom in the next few months. Doubting if I was a person worth the privilege of being alive.

But when I saw a vice documentary of a guy names Wim Hof (the Iceman) swimming in cold water, talking about the power of the mind. Something in me shifted, especially when he said “try my method to become happy healthy and strong”. At that moment there was nothing I wanted more than that. Not thinking much of it though, I started to swim in cold water. Surrendering to a force of nature you can not fight. Within the cold, it was the first time in months that my mind was quiet. For a brief moment in time I was not thinking about what happened to me, what I blamed myself for nor for how this experience impacted me and others around me. I found a moment wherein I was fully present. The stressor of nature, forces myself to be fully present.

Of course I held onto this experience and started exposing myself to brute forces of nature more often. Over time and a lot of cold swims later I realised that within the cold I could be compassionate to myself on a level I wasn’t capable of in my daily life. That is when I realised that sometimes our life is an icebath, a big force of cold that is pressing against us. A stressor that we have to deal with in a compassionate way, forgiving ourselves for how we react under that stress. Slowly but surely I translated my cold-experience to my daily life. Through the connection with nature I learned to open myself up and connect to myself and it I only when I reconnected to myself that I could connect to others around me.

Realising that our past does not define us, nor does our future. We are always able to stretch our belief systems and expand our possibilities. To do or overcome something we truly held impossible. To face ourselves in the midst of the ocean, in the midst of an hurricane and understanding what is going on around us are external forces. If we learn to control the breath, control our inner state of being the human potential unfolds in front of our own eyes. We are capable of doing so much more than we think, and it is time that we learn how to tap into these states of being. To become the best version of ourselves, for ourselves.

Live life boldly,courageous & be true to yourself.I believe in living your own authentic life. It is not always easy to follow your own windy road instead of the highway. But keep the following quote in mind; “If the path is beautiful why would you ask where it leads.”
So often we are entirely focussed on achieving something, getting that promotion, better job, or whatever your desired destination is. But we need to remember to enjoy the path we are following, enjoy the little things along the way.

Another important aspect of my life is ho we nurture ourselves. To me, nutrition goes far beyond the food we eat, it is the thoughts we have, feelings we cherish, connection to earth and others around us. I am a firm believer in a plant-based lifestyle because, for me, this way of living contributes to all of the above. By not eating animals and their products I feel lighter, better and decrease my carbon footprint. That being said I do believe in compassion before any of this, holding space for other belief systems, cultures and ways of living. I firmly stand behind the quote; “Compassion for all animals, human and non-human”. Never force your beliefs on others but rather show them alternative ways of living by living them yourself.  Make earth-friendly choices, decrease your waste and most important be kind to others. Hold space for every person that you meet, animal you encounter and respect the soil you walk on.

Something we often fail to acknowledge is that our minds are truly magical. We are capable of learning, creating, thinking and so much more. Often these skills are believed to have boundaries and borders. When we tap into our own mind we realize how many of those borders we have created ourselves. As good as we are in creating them, it can be hard breaking them down. Sometimes, letting go of these assumptions can create space for more awareness and allows our minds to thrive as they were meant to.

Through shifting my mindset and holding space for learning I accomplished things I never thought possible. I learned to remember a deck of cards just within a week, I Learned to endure freezing water for more than 30 minutes and hiked up mountains in my shorts and ran half a marathon for 10 days consecutively. These are just a few personal examples of the power of the mind. Through my page, events, coaching  I hope to inspire others to challenge their belief systems and mind in the best way possible.

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