Aleks Rodycz

Aleks is a full time performer, artist, movement student and teacher – after studying environmental management she decided to run away with her own circus.

She is obsessed by movement and learning new skills as well as bringing them on stage. The journey started with her deep passion for fire –which evolved from the constant search for focus, flow and being in the moment.  Chasing those moments where she feels fully alive – getting  into the body and clearing the mind... as well as putting herself constantly into slightly too big and uncomfortable situations, became her mission.

She understood that this is what makes us grow – magic lies on the other side of fear – magic lies on the other side of comfort.


Aleks is fascinated by the fire element, its tribal wilderness the heat the light. To work with fire requires 100% focus otherwise it will take over. There is  a very fine line between controlling it and pushing through as she had to learn herself after an accident. Coming back to the element teached aleks why people are so afraid of fire. Dealing with fear, motivation and comfort is a big part of her life as well as finding ways to recover. Which can be a big metaphor for our everyday life.

How we can motivate ourselves to learn new things and make it a habit to get out oft he comfort zone on a daily base.


Meet the Fire

Fire is a wild Element

When we smell or see it, it immediately  wakes up the primal parts of ourselves. Often people feel drawn to this element like a magnetic pull. The warmth an coziness of a bonfire, playing with it when we were young or getting lost in time staring into flames. 

We all have a connection to fire, either a fear or a attraction. 

In this workshop we will come close to the flames, connect to the heat and awaken your senses!